Trevor Mills


An honest + inspiring project that shines a light on the humanity of mental illness + on a young man's sudden passing.

After years of trying to navigate the bureaucracy of Vancouver's mental health system, Trevor's brother took his own life. Evidence of a Struggle E.P.reveals how untreated mental health problems clot into addiction and spark into flame. It is vulnerable, nostalgic, and unapologetically raw. 

This is music made by the love perfected by death, the love that dies not in the tomb. The beats crack the bone of this tragedy. The lyrics examine the marrow. Evidence of a Struggle E.P. lifts the broken pieces from his brother's life - to form music and art work that honour his story.

*Partial proceeds from the Evidence of a Struggle E.P. will be donated to the Joseph & Rosalie Segal Family Centre at VGH.

Trevor is a powerful storyteller, a multi-talented musician + through these efforts has helped raise over $25,000 for mental health initiatives in British Columbia. But he is not stopping there. There are gaps in the system, which indirectly led to the death of his brother, and Trevor is committed to finding brighter pathways for all who are impacted by mental health.

Trevor and his brother discovered hip-hop at an early age. His first album, TTRA1N UnEducated, was featured in Discorder, CBC Radio 3, Up Town Sound, and Hip Hop Canada.

Trevor is also a high school teacher and volunteers his time to coach basketball and rugby. A believer of practising what you preach, he also mentors a hip-hop club in his community.



by Trevor Mills

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Trevor is available for:

  • School performances
  • Fundraisers & Mental Health Benefits
  • Public/Motivational speaking engagements
  • Professional Development